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  • SCHS ALUMNI N.E.Braata Production is bringing CHRISTMAS JAMAICAN STYLE TO NEW YORK. If you were at the St. Catherine High School... ,
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  • SCHS ALUMNI N.E.Hello Everyone, Our annual banquet is just about 36 hours away. We are excited to get together with you again... ,
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Welcome to the St. Catherine High School Alumni Association North East, Inc. website based in New York, USA.

I am delighted that you took time out to visit our website. I hope you will find it interesting and informative as we work to keep you updated with our activities here in the North East. Our goal is to work collaboratively with all chapters and school administration to help foster the growth and development of our beloved Alma Mater. This can be achieved by bringing together all past students where we can use our time, talents and resources to continue the team building and the further development of brilliant young Jamaicans. Let us remember this stanza from our school song and make it an anthem for life. “No matter where we wander, we will keep this e’er in view; Prayer and work shall ever conquer…” (Paschal). United we stand but divided we shall fall so let us stand together and help our school and its constituents reach their full potential. [ Read More ] Uniform through the years-web Uniform Through The Years

Mission Statement

The St. Catherine High School Alumni Association North East, Inc. was incorporated in New York 2007. It serves as a link among all alumni in the North East Corridor of the United States of America. The Association sponsors programs that cultivate a spirit of loyalty and commitment to St. Catherine High School. Today we exemplify the high moral standards and values that were imparted to us as students at SCHS. We have set our goals and expectations which were taught to us at SCHS through our school motto “Prayer and Work Conquer All”. We have adopted “Preces (Prayer) For Life” as the motto for the Association. [ Read More ]  

News & Press Releases

Thank You!
  Hello Everyone, On Saturday October 19, 2013, history was made! Our 4th annual banquet and 65 Anniversary was sold out!  It was also the largest gathering of past students from the all-girls era and the co-ed era. I am writing on behalf of the board to express our sincere thanks to everyone that took … Continue reading

Gareth Shelton AKA “Red Fox”
Dancehall DJ Red Fox considers himself a pioneer in the genre of his choice. He is responsible for hardcore hits like “Down In Jamaica” and “Pose Off”.  Fox has made broad contributions to the success of dancehall reggae in New York City and beyond. He is not to be confused with the comedian who starred in Sanford … Continue reading

Based on a detailed investigation of the history of The Royal Knights Chess Club of St. Catherine High School with alumni both locally and overseas, it has been found that the original chess club at St. Catherine High can be traced back to the mid seventies (about 1974-1976). The movement started with a group of … Continue reading

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